Oct 072016
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Negotiation Skills

Negotiation Skills are essential in procurement and everyday life as well.  When purchasing a house or a car it is very important to have negotiations skills.

Supply Chain and Procurement Training.

Negotiation Quotes

  • My father said: ”You must never try to make all the money that’s in a deal. Let the other fellow make some money too, because if you have a reputation for always making all the money, you won’t have many deals.”  ~ J. Paul Getty
  • “The first principle of contract negotiations is don’t remind them of what you did in the past – tell them what you’re going to do in the future.”  ~ Stan Musial
  • “A sign that negotiations were handled well on both sides is that everybody probably feels a little bit like they didn’t get what they wanted.”  ~ Christopher Lloyd
  • “Let us never negotiate out of fear. But, let us never fear to negotiate.”  ~ John F. Kennedy
  • “The freedom of the city is not negotiable. We cannot negotiate with those who say, “What’s mine is mine and what’s yours is negotiable.”  ~ John F. Kennedy
  • “The fellow who says he’ll meet you halfway usually thinks he’s standing on the dividing line.”  ~ Orlando A. Battista

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