Apr 052016
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Science of Persuasion

The Science of Persuasion is a great learning tool to understand how people are persuaded to do something, including yourself.  Great video for those in procurement.

Persuasion Quotes

  • “I think the power of persuasion would be the greatest superpower of all time.”  ~ Jenny Mollen
  • “In making a speech one must study three points: first, the means of producing persuasion; second, the language; third the proper arrangement of the various parts of the speech.”  ~ Aristotle
  • “Persuasion is often more effectual than force.” ~ Aesop
  • “There are good leaders who actively guide and bad leaders who actively misguide. Hence, leadership is about persuasion, presentation and people skills.”  ~ Shiv Khera
  • “I would rather try to persuade a man to go along, because once I have persuaded him, he will stick. If I scare him, he will stay just as long as he is scared, and then he is gone.”  ~ Dwight D. Eisenhower
  • “People are usually more convinced by reasons they discovered themselves than by those found out by others.”  ~ Blaise Pascal

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