Dec 042017
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Blogs on self-driving cars, robots, and drones disrupting the supply chain.

Quotes about self-driving cars and robots.

  • I think we see the merging of several worlds, the tech industry, the internet and the automotive industry. These two worlds merging is like a smart phone on wheels, or you can say it’s a car that has many of the capabilities of smart phones and computers and so on.” ~Dieter Zetsche
  • “If you recognize that self-driving cars are going to prevent car accidents, AI will be responsible for reducing one of the leading causes of death in the world.” ~Mark Zuckerberg
  • “Labor accounts for 75% of the cost of transporting shipments by truck, so adopters can begin to realize those savings. Beyond that, while truckers are prohibited from driving more than 11 hours per day without taking an eight-hour break, a driverless truck can drive for the entire day.” ~Ryan Petersen
  • “Deep Learning will change the lives of all of us.  What is Deep Learning?  It’s behind what makes self-driving cars a reality.”  ~Dave Waters
  • “Connectivity offers a great opportunity for General Motors. When you look at the investment we have made in OnStar and putting 4GLT in and the access you have to not only put data in, and we haven’t really tapped into the data you can use from the vehicle.” ~Mary Barra, GM CEO.
  • “As Waymo’s self-driving technology becomes smarter and more capable, its high-performance hardware and software will require even more powerful and efficient compute. Intel’s collaboration with Waymo ensures Intel will continue its leading role in helping realize the promise of autonomous driving and a safer, collision-free future.” ~Brian Krzanich

“The vehicles will be full self-driving.  So you have your own personal space where you can sit back and relax.” ~John Krafcik, CEO Waymo.

self driving cars robots

“I can drive this thing and I have no idea how to drive a semi.” ~Elon Musk

self driving cars


“We believe the Tesla semi will deliver a substantial reduction in the cost of cargo, while increasing safety…” ~Elon Musk

Tesla supply chain

“Don’t let the digital supply chain scare you.  Big Data, IoT, cloud, AI, drones and deep learning are just ways to improve the supply chain.”

digital supply chain

“Do you remember when you were a kid, and Christmas Eve, it was so exciting, you weren’t sure what was going to be downstairs?  Well, it’s going to be Christmas Eve for a while.” ~Tim Cook

Tim Cook Supply Chain

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